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When it comes to Rally Car Insurance, at McGrady Insurance we go the extra mile, providing rally car insurance that suits your needs and budget.

McGrady Insurance has been actively competing on the Irish rallying scene since the 1980’s. In addition to supporting various events over the years, in recent times McGrady Insurance have became the lead sponsor of the Northern Ireland rally championship, giving us an opportunity to provide support for the sport to continue to thrive.

For work or pleasure, our experienced team of advisers will use their expert knowledge of the rally car industry to find insurance that accommodate all types of risks.

Whatever type of rally car insurance you are looking for- whether it is cover for club stage rallies, road rallies, storage and transit, drivers and co-drivers - at McGrady Insurance, we understand the insurance needs of the motorsports enthusiast.

From competition vehicles (on the public highway, in storage/transit or whilst competing) to service vehicles we can cater for all your needs. Modern motorsports can be a costly hobby – so we make sure your pride and joy (and all the bits that go with it) is completely protected.

And it’s not just when your car is in motion that we cover! Our rally motor cover is available for damage to any car whilst in the paddock, stored in a garage/workshop, temporarily stored whilst in transit or on a trailer / in a transporter.

Our rally car insurance can also include agreed value, cars on display, continental events, data logging & timing equipment, protective clothing, spares, trailers and tools.

In addition to this, our extensive rally motor cover can be arranged for individual events or on an annual basis for all those involved in motorsport. This ranges from competitors (from the occasional club competitor to the paid driver), employees working in motorsport (i.e. those working in the pit lane, service area, and even those whose work entails riding in competition cars) to marshals and officials.

Whether traveling on motorways, going to events (for example racing, sprints, production car trials, sprints, hill climbs, rally car driving) or travel between rally stages, our expert insurance advisers can ensure your rally car is fully covered.

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