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Hospitality Insurance

Comprehensive insurance cover for your bar, restaurant or holiday accommodation business.


Operating a business in the hospitality sector can be a constant challenge. 

Whether you run a hotel, pub, restaurant, café, guesthouse or an Airbnb; what might seem like minor incidents can have profound effects on your profits and your long term business success.

Workplace accidents – food prep involves working with high temperatures and sharp implements and results in a higher risk of serious injury to your team

Slips, trips and falls – something as simple as a spill, or an uneven surface could lead to a costly claim

Food contamination and allergic reactions - an increasing hazard for food and beverage businesses

Crime – licensed premises in particular have a higher incidence of violent crime which may affect staff or damage property. The constant risk of theft, robbery, cyber crime and vandalism add to the risk profile of hospitality businesses

Damage to Buildings, stock and equipment

Business Interruption, usually following a major-event such as a fire or flood

Sourcing the most appropriate cover for your establishment can be very time-consuming and confusing.

That’s why at McGrady Insurance, our knowledgeable and friendly commercial team is here to help you and your business. Contact McGrady Insurance today and let us get the deal that gives you the widest coverage for your business, your staff and your clientele.

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