Multiple apple computer protected against Cyber Crimes and Phishing Scams

Protect Your Business from Cyber Crimes and Phishing Scams


Perhaps the biggest concern of business is those risks involving cyber-crime and theft. We’ve all heard the examples;

· Phishing emails result in a BACs transfer of funds being sent to a criminal’s bank account, rather than the genuine intended recipient.

· Telephone hacking fraud results in thousands of pounds worth of phone calls being accumulated on a business phone system.

· An infected PC results in your ‘Online Banking’ credentials being compromised, leading to a cyber theft of business funds.

The complexity and uncertainty over these exposures, coupled with the inadequacy of many Insurance policies, leaves many business owners unsure of how to comprehensively protect their business.

In addition to this, financial institutions are becoming more reluctant to indemnify against such losses and will more often cite negligence on behalf of the end user. Such losses can often cripple a business if adequate insurance cover has not been sought in advance.

At McGrady Insurance, we offer a Comprehensive Cyber Insurance product, tailored both in terms of covers and premium to a range of business needs, including those of the small business owner.

With cyber risks fast becoming some of the biggest risks facing businesses today, contact our experienced team today to ensure your business is fully covered.

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